Carol come outside wanna gonna go for a ride
we got an ice cream truck & fireworks to light
with the music up loud as we can stand it
Roman candles in a vacant lot we'll feel like bandits

in a stolen ice cream truck on the wrong side of town
sparklers out all the windows under shrill familiar sounds

Hazel stole some beer you work the breaks i'll steer
over fences and lawns we'll drive around til the gas runs out
on look out for the cops binoculars made out of push up pops
all the missiles are melting we'll give them away

Anna stole an ice cream truck on the wrong side of town
high on stolen pills from her sister's treatment
I think it's gonna be pretty bad when we come down


I gave back the t-shirt that you'd always wear
I went by your work & just left it there
all the leaves are brown
& it's autumn now

it was a summer fling
don't take it personal or anything
you can wear your heart on your sleeve
but pull your sweater over

no more kisses under shooting stars
no more rides on the handlebars
no more drive-ins
in the back seat of your parents' car

it was a summer fling
& it didn't mean anything
& you can cry your eyes out on the phone
oh yeah

all lyrics by Owen Ashworth