from your window on the 5th floor
you heard the accident below
a station wagon speeding swerved to miss a cat & hit an oak

you called the cops they sent a fire truck
the sirens roaring up the road
the paramedics said the driver died instantly from the blow

maybe sixteen years old
who she was they didn't know

you took the train to work the next day
yawning all the way
the faces of the strangers reading their papers
seemed so blank

& so you went blank


lifted scissors from the pharmacist
with the want to take them to my wrist
oh & if these evil thoughts persist
I could only hope I won't be missed

traded escape route from viny vein
to passage on an Eastern train
& to ensure I won't be back again
burn every bridge i've ever lain
let all of Nashville curse my name

goodbye Parthenon so long handsome
goodbye Frances goodbye Franklin
goodbye Henry goodbye Neil
goodbye Martin goodbye Mason
goodbye Dale

to passing gentlemen I asked the time
bought a magazine to ease my mind
& daydreamt of the life I'd find
when I'd wake to whistle steam & breaks
conductor's call end of the line

& to my hometown how I've loathed you
the sullied neighborhoods I've blown through
I've been down every avenue
I've memorized their names
they're blurs of shrubs & pick-up trucks
the faces all the same

so goodbye Wesley goodbye Wade
goodbye Ridley goodbye Tate
goodbye Clayton goodbye Craig
goodbye Mitchell goodbye Douglas
goodbye Kennith goodbye Clay

goodbye Joseph goodbye Clark
goodbye Gerald goodbye Marc
goodbye Emmett goodbye Reid
goodbye Travis goodbye Trevor
goodbye Taylor goodbye Keith

I will cut these foppish locks still
before this train arrives in Knoxville
I will push out of my mind
every desperate heart I've left behind

goodbye Daniel goodbye Vaughn
goodbye Duncan goodbye Shawn
goodbye Lincoln goodbye Glen
goodbye Lealand goodbye Lyle
goodbye Hagan goodbye Kent

goodbye Dennis goodbye Rowan
goodbye Rodney goodbye Owen
goodbye Russell goodbye Quinn
goodbye Gerald goodbye Clayton
goodbye Curtis goodbye Benjamin

goodbye Miles goodbye Wesley
goodbye Thurman goodbye Jessie
goodbye Alfred goodbye Terry
goodbye Curtis goodbye Dennis
goodbye Hayden goodbye Berry

goodbye Allen goodbye Andy
goodbye Austin goodbye Sandy
goodbye Calvin goodbye John
goodbye Matthew goodbye Michael
goodbye Nashville goodbye Parthenon

all lyrics by Owen Ashworth